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    2. Recently at BIRS

      BIRS Workshop: Cross-community collaborations in combinatorics 22w5107 • May 29 - Jun 03, 2022 • ScheduleVideos
      CMO Workshop: Topological Complexity and Motion Planning 22w5182 • May 29 - Jun 03, 2022 • ScheduleVideos
      BIRS Workshop: New Interactions Between Statistics and Optimization 22w5094 • May 22 - May 27, 2022 • ScheduleVideos
      Focused Research Group: Dynamics of biopolymers across multiple scales 22frg264 • May 22 - May 29, 2022

      Our Partnerships

      Important Notice for BIRS visitors not holding a Canadian or US passport: New entry to Canada requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to Canada.

      Upcoming Events

      Focused Research Group: Cohomogeneity Two Manifolds of Positive Sectional Curvature   Jun 12 - Jun 25, 2022
      BIRS Workshop: Preparing for the next pandemic   Jun 12 - Jun 17, 2022
      CMO Workshop: Mathematical and Conceptual Aspects of Quantum Theory   Jun 12 - Jun 17, 2022
      BIRS Workshop: Arithmetic Aspects of Algebraic Groups   Jun 12 - Jun 17, 2022
      BIRS Workshop: Canadian Abstract Harmonic Analysis Symposium (CAHAS) 2020   Jun 17 - Jun 19, 2022

      What They're Saying About BIRS

      “I think the workshop, Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Spaces in several Variables, is one of the best conferences/workshops I have ever ...”  read more testimonials >>

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